First Mishap

Well, my plan for this week was originally to write about my first weekend in Korea and my first venture into Seoul. It was a great plan, very chronologically pleasing. But the universe had different plans for me. Oh, don’t worry, I had a great weekend in Seoul. Lots of barhopping and meerkats–I highly recommend visiting the meerkat cafe in Hongdae. But on Tuesday I had a bit of an…accident.

I’ve never thought of myself as a clumsy person, but since moving to Korea, that very much seems to be the case. My legs never seem to be free from bruises and I’m always tripping over the uneven sidewalks in Bundang. But on Tuesday, I really outdid myself.

oh no my face

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Flight and First Week


Have you ever felt almost anxiety-inducing excitement and extreme exhaustion at the same time? You’re wired, can’t sleep, but all you can think about is lying down, finding some quiet time, some private space. Maybe it’s the introvert in me, but by the time I got off my fourteen-hour flight and got on the 5400 bus heading to Bundang, I felt all of this and more. I couldn’t wait to see my new home, and I couldn’t wait to sleep.

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New Home, New Start

If a few months ago you told me I’d be moving halfway across the world to become a teacher, I’d have thought you were a con-artist pretending to be a fortuneteller. This could be because I’d been watching the K-drama, Madame Antoine, on Netflix, but that’s neither here nor there. Now, however, I’m sitting in my childhood home, down the Jersey Shore, thinking about how in just four days I’ll be moving to South Korea.

adventure time jake flail

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